David Packham HeartMath™ Coach & Environmental Health Advisor

David Packman

HeartMath™ Coach
Meditation Teacher
Environmental Health Advisor

Phone: 0404 822 273
Email: david@thesauce.com.au
Website: thesauce.com.au
Twitter: @thesauce_


David’s practice is founded on the understanding that some of the most effective ways to influence health, wellness and performance is through our thoughts, our emotions and the environment in which we live. He is a certified HeartMath™ coach with qualifications in geobiology, epigenetics and the social psychology of sport.

David is also a registered teacher with the Meditation Association of Australia and is currently furthering his training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with a Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.

David teaches meditation and mindfulness – along with a system of heart-focused exercises and technology – to help reduce stress and anxiety, manage chronic illness, maximise sports performance or simply create a healthy life balance. The addition of a personal environment assessment rounds out his overall approach to vitality.

By focusing on improving resilience and coherence, developing intuitive intelligence and optimising personal environment, David can help you not only perform at your best, but find a greater depth of experience and enjoyment in life.

David is an Editor for The Good Men Project, and regularly contributes to numerous sports and health/lifestyle publications and speaks publicly on a variety of topics from modern manhood to meditation and managing chronic illness.