Lisa Mitchell, Yoga Therapist & Teacher

Lisa Mitchell

Yoga Therapist & Teacher

Phone: 0409 473 162

Lisa has several teaching diplomas, more than 28 years’ experience as a yoga practitioner, and has studied yoga’s holistic healing system and philosophy since 2003.

She has an ongoing commitment to professional and personal development and enjoys creating a warm, safe environment to support your personal journey.

Yoga therapy draws on the many elements of yoga (breath, mind, movement, self-inquiry, meditation, visualisation, sound therapy, lifestyle & Ayurvedic assessment) to tailor programs that support individuals through any health condition or illness.

A yoga therapy program generally requires around 4 sessions, or can be ongoing, depending on the needs of the individual.

Lisa teaches individuals how to self-generate wellbeing and move toward homeostasis (systemic balance).  She has a special interest in the application of mindfulness techniques for mental health and stress management.

She also creates personal programs for yoga students who are ready to deepen their practice.

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