Natalie Eng


Phone: 0409 935 797

Natalie is our resident kinesiologist.

Kinesiology was first developed combining muscle-testing techniques (from chiropractic) with the principles of energy flow from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has since evolved into a powerful tool that can facilitate self-awareness, determine underlying causes of stress to diffuse them, and to manage and move through relationship difficulties.

Natalie specialises in applying kinesiology to assist people with various work-related and personal issues, such as:

  • Leadership development
  • Goal-setting
  • Workplace stress and anxiety
  • Management and relationship challenges (eg. with staff, managers, peers)
  • Career transition
  • Career re-assessment

Kinesiology can offer you an alternative to traditional counselling, accessing different sources of information, in a way that is gentle and empowering for you.

Natalie has had previous experience working in high-pressured corporate environments, so she can relate if you’re experiencing similar pressures in your working life. She believes that kinesiology has a lot to offer the professional and business community.

Natalie is a fully qualified kinesiologist (Diploma of Kinesiology) and a Registered Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

Rebates are available for Natalie’s sessions from selected health funds.

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